About Us

SCMS Manager consists of member organizations that have an active interest in the on-going successful operation of the US V2X ecosystem – this includes automotive OEMs; companies that provide technology, products, and services for vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic management centers; and non-commercial organizations such as national, state/province, county, and municipal transportation and safety agencies. SCMS Manager issues and maintains interoperability profiles, policies, procedures and guidelines, and performs R&D to sustain the security and reliability of the V2X ecosystem. System components include Electors, Root CAs, SCMSes, and end entity devices. SCMS manager also audits participants in its V2X ecosystem to ensure continued compliance with SCMS Manager best practices.

The primary organizational groups within SCMS Manager are the Standards Board and the Ecosystem Audit Committee.

  • The Standards Board is responsible for the creation of working groups & committees for the development of standards, policies and guidance for the V2X ecosystem. It is also responsible for overseeing liaison activities with external standards bodies (such as IEEE and SAE) and test bodies (such as OmniAir).
  • The Ecosystem Audit Committee is responsible for the annual verification that organizations contracted with SCMS Manager, such as root CAs and Electors, are compliant with their contractual obligations to SCMS Manager including adherence to the Ecosystem standards, policies and guidelines published by SCMS Manager. The Audit Committee will recommend the removal/revocation of non-compliant organizations from the SCMS Manager-supervised V2X ecosystem.