How to Join

SCMS Manager is open to organizations that have an active interest in the on-going successful operation of the US V2X ecosystem, and who are either providing products and services to the V2X market today or are planning to do so by 2023 – this includes automotive OEMs; companies that provide technology, products, and services for vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic management centers; and non-commercial organizations such as national, state/province, county, and municipal transportation and safety agencies.

There are three membership levels:  Core, Associate and Observer.  All membership levels can work on the development of technical and policy documents.  Core members are eligible to staff the Standards Board and the Ecosystem Audit Committee as well as chair individual Working Groups.  Core Members and Associate members have access to applicable SCMS Manager-developed intellectual property.  Observer membership is open to DOTs and other organizations who do not directly provide products or services to the V2X ecosystem.

Please contact for membership details.